Tips by Ann Massoud to be a Successful Real Estate Salesperson

Tips by Ann Massoud to be a Successful Real Estate Salesperson
19.05.2016 15:26

Like in every other domain, the real estate market is also a very competitive field. You will have to face cutthroat competition from plenty of professionals when you work as a salesperson in the real estate agency. Dealing with new clients is inevitable in this area if business. You will also have to do a lot of talking every day to earn your daily bread. Here are few tips according to Ann Massoud (A Real Estate Salesperson Professional) that will help you to be a successful real estate salesperson in the country.


Polishing your communication skills

The job of a salesperson in the real estate industry requires strong negotiation and convincing skills. You will be working for one or the other real estate company in the country and will have to deal with plenty of clients on a daily basis. Your clients would require different kinds of properties and you will have to take them around the country to show them the available options. In order to the close a deal, you will have to convince the customers and also negotiate the price with the seller. Your client would be willing to buy the property only if the price stays within a range. The real estate company you are working for will be able to earn profits only if the seller gives an attractive rate that would be beneficial for the company as well as the client. Hence, your communication skills have to be polished in order to do your job successfully.


Completion of RES course

In order to start working as a real estate salesperson in the country, you will have to complete the certificate course in real estate from a CEA Approved RES Course Provider. The course deals with the laws related to real estate and also the factors related to the different kinds of properties available in the country. The RES course will help a lot in completing your daily tasks as a real estate salesperson in the country. Hence, choose the course provider only after careful comparisons.


Understanding the market

You need to have a proper understanding about the real estate market in order succeed in the field. The market trends would keep changing from time to time. People would be interested in different kinds of properties at different times. During certain periods there would be huge demand for flats and villas and during other times people would prefer condos and independent houses. You need to understand about the latest trends in the real estate market in order to meet with your client requirements with ease. You should also be aware of the new designs and materials used in the construction of different kinds of buildings.


Updating your knowledgebase

Getting information about the new properties that are up for sale is very important in this field of business. You need to constantly update your database about the properties available for sale, rent and lease in and around the country. Many of your clients might require multiple properties in different areas in the country. If you are not quite aware of the properties available for sale at one of the places, you might lose the contract. Hence, you should do plenty of homework and be well equipped with the details of all sorts of properties in the country.


Ann Marie Massoud is a Real Estate - Salesperson licensed to practice in California.

As a buyer’s broker Ann Massoud enables you to have a smooth transaction by starting her process by listening to what the buyers are looking for and then asking them well planned questions to help buyers realize their search focus. It is no wonder that Massoud's past buyers have continuously referred their family and friends to her.


As a seller’s broker, Ann Massoud understands the trends in the ever changing Real Estate market place when she represents you in the selling of your property. Massoud has consistently maximized each seller’s Real Estate investment and achieved record-breaking prices by using her unique and creative marketing plans. As an active and aggressive agent, she will always position your property ahead of the current Real Estate curve so you will have more money in your pocket in the end.

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